Airport Highway Expansion: Taking Ita Enang Back To Standard 1



Emmanuel Nicholas

Senator Ita Enang your continuous show of ignorance on matters of national importance which the generality of Nigerians believed that your 28 years in the corridor of power would have granted you adequate education on the due process of Government and details of Government projects is unacceptable and worrisome .

The above petition has further exposed the reason why the Presidency had to relieve you from the prestigious office of a liaison officer between the Presidency and the National Assembly .

Emerging facts have shown glaringly that you brazenly lack the pedigree and competence to manage such exalted office that needs good coordination and robust legislative relationship to strengthen the legislative arm of Government in relationship to the Executive arm for the overall best performance and productivity.

It could be recalled that in your four years of being the liaison officer for Executive , there was no time the nation’s budget was passed before or in January. All budgets in your tenure were embarrassingly passed in May or June with offensive issues of padded budget and missing pages .

Throughout this period, the leadership of the National Assembly time out of numbers indicted you and exposed your incompetence and the corrupt practices, pointing to the fact that you were responsible for the delays .

You should be ashamed of yourself, that after your exit from the office, Nigerians celebrated the first budget of this present administration that was passed in December in line with international best practice without any issue of padded budget and missing pages .

Your ridiculous poor performance at the National Assembly is the reason Presidency out of sympathy not to render you jobless especially after your hatched job on the Calabar-Itu highway during his electioneering, reappointed you as Senior Special Assistant on Niger Delta Affairs, a position the Presdency knows will leave you redundant except to earn salary.

It has become clear to even the blind that making you redundant is really taking toll on you. Your petition to the Minister for Works shows clearly how deeply you have become affected by your state of idleness. You now want to become a busybody in affairs that does not concern you. Sadly, in your quest to get yourself busy, you now indulge in telling lies to seek cheap popularity.

Nevertheless, we wont mind spending some time here to educate you without charge even as I really sympathize with your incapacitating knowledge on the above subject.

IGN 101
You are appealing to Federal Government to stop Akwa Ibom State Government from defacing the Road and Expansion ..

EDU 101
Loquacious Senator , it may interest you to know that federal Government on 1st February 2007 approved the expansion of the said Road to 6 lanes dual carriageway for Akwa Ibom State Government to construct .

See the memo WK14437/1/VOL1/68 and further sort from the Federal Ministry of works the attached designed of the then proposed UYO- AIRPORT ROAD project .

It was Akwa Ibom State Government who had that time out of wisdom decided to construct four lanes dual carriageway to expedite the completion of good access road for Victor Attah international Airport, but leaving room for additional two lanes expansion.

Akwa Ibom State Government in the 12 years of this road have been battling with property owners not to encroach into the part kept for future expansion. Many residential houses, Fuel Stations ,Factory Houses and Estate along the road have been demolished causing untold hardship to owners .

The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel intends to put a stop to this resource wastages, and also restore the road to its original design, as approved by Federal Ministry of Works and Transport.

ING 102

You mentioned in your petition that there is no traffic congestion that should warrant such Expansion.

EDU 102

Sen Ita Enang, I know you are not in tune with developmental indices of Akwa Ibom State. Let me ask you , have you ever visited Shelter Afrique within the hours of 7am to 11am and 4pm to 9pm?If you do , are you suffering from shortsightedness? Don’t you see the gridlock that makes it near impossible for commuters to get to their destination on time?

Must Akwa Ibom State wait until we put both residents and indigenes of Akwa Ibom through untold hardship like what is happening in Lagos today? It is no more news that Lagos State is looking for ways to expand Apapa Expressway.

Your brain may be wired all back ,hence making you to only produce negative energy. Are you aware that same road will provide access and exit to Ibom Deep seaport ?

You must know that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration is not running a Government that plans only for today but also for the future. There’s no gain reminding you that Governor Udom Emmanuel is a visionary leader who sees tomorrow and work to ensure he provides amenities for a better tomorrow.

Governor Udom Emmanuel plans to avert the kind of hardship Lagosians go through on Apapa Expressway because of the Tincan and Apapa Sea Port .

Today if you want to fly out of Lagos using the domestic or international Airport ,you must leave your residence minimum of 4 hours from flight time to be able to make it to the airport and be on the flight. Senator is that what you want for Akwa Ibom State?

I know in your 28 years in Government, you have not developed any Akwa Ibom person and their plight means nothing to you. If there is anywhere you cause them more sufferings and pains you will definitely inflict that on them .

ING 103

You mentioned in your petition that Akwa Ibom State Government should channel the funds for the Airport road to construct Calabar – Itu Road .

EDU 103

Sen Ita Enang, please remember on 25th August 2019, on Inspiration FM while answering questions on the interview programme that hosted you and Ephraim Akparawa Inyang-Eyen, you told entire Akwa Ibom people that the Federal Government has released six (6) billion naira to Julius Berger .
You also assured Akwa Ibom people that already compensation has been fully paid for section 1 and 2 of the project.
You boastfully assured us the completion of the Road in 2020 .

My undistinguished Senator , Julius Berger moved out of the site as soon as voting ended and election result declared .

Sir, what happened to the 6 billion naira paid to the construction firm? How could they have moved out of project site with such huge mobilisation? Don’t you think there is need to petition the company to EFCC and ICPC ?

But the last time the Company responded to controversies surrounding the Calabar Itu road project, they denied receiving any money from APC led administration for the construction of the Road .
Are they lying against our amiable President ?

Is it so sad to know that you come from Akwa Ibom State and without conscience and sympathy for the pains and agony your people go through in travelling to Cross River State , you choose to connive with outsiders and lie to mislead your people to get votes .

Ita Enang , you over stepped your boundary this time and coming to instruct Akwa Ibom State Government to construct a road you told us three years ago that it has been awarded is quite shocking to say the least.

Don’t you have shame? It is time for you to humbly apologize to Akwa Ibom people , for insulting their sensibilities with blatant lies .

ING 105
You mentioned refund of 78 billion .

EDU 105
it may interest you to know that Akwa Ibom State have not recieved such amount of money from the Federal Government , please visit the office of account General of the federation for details on the refunds and stop lying like a prostitute.

My Conclusion

Senator, it may interest you to know that because of flooding issues on the Road between Ekpene Ukim up to Ifa Atai , properties of resident have been destroyed and the Airport Road from Ifa Section to the Airport was constructed without drains and outfalls drains.

The expansion of the road is not only for easing traffic congestion alone but to also open up drains and outfalls drains to evacuate flood water from the houses of residents and also save the road from sudden collapse .

On the 8th of October 2019, Akwa Ibom State Government sent a memo to the Federal Ministry for Works , stating the reason for the expansion . See Akwk/1245/2/Vol27/ 19.

During this expansion, Akwa Ibom State Government will resettle residential buildings on the natural waterways to construct outfalls drains and side drains .

The completion of the remaining two lanes is to make the road six lanes as it is in original design. And the construction will be done by the State Government without any cost implications to the Federal Government.

The State also seeks for the declassification of this segment of the road from Trunk A to Trunk B to avail the State Government full responsibility of maintaining and reconstruction in the future.

Sen Ita Enang, Political leadership is judged by the ratio of productivity, the input is funding and the output is development. When once the output is commensurate with the input, it becomes distinguishable from the culture of mismanagement of public funds.

Governor Udom Emmanuel’s output is commensurate with the input. Hence, stop running your mouth in issues you know very little about. Such infantile attitude ridicules your worth if you still have any and it makes you to be seen as someone who acts under the influence of dutch courage. It is time you reorder your steps.

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