Covid-19: APC’s Despicable Graveside Dance

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Covid 19: APC’s Despicable Graveside Dance

The press statement by Dr. Ita Udosen, the Deputy Chairman of the All Progressives Congress Akwa Ibom State on Covid 19, is to say the least inhuman, debasing and embarrassing. In the said statement, the author clearly admits his unsuitability to issue the statement, but now uses his medical background to justify his ‘spokesmanship’ for his party, presumably as a subject matter expert.

While no one can circumvent his right to freedom of speech, the said press release when read and understood by fair minded and intelligent people, will inevitably cast serious doubts on the professional standing of the author. Because, readers will expect that his in-depth knowledge of patient privacy, WHO/NCDC protocol for testing suspected cases and other related medical protocol applicable to Public Health and pandemic management would have guided his thought and changed the colour of his submissions. Medicine, like other noble professions are basically conservative, admitting into its fold,only thoroughbred men and women, as practitioners. We are certain that the allegation by a doctor that a serving Governor, or any other person, has contracted Covid 19 and has elected to hide the disease and diagnosis from the public, is far from being professional or reasonable. Ita Udosen claimed he got the ‘news’ from the rumor mill or what others will call beer parlour gist. To hear such a wicked rumor may be understandable, but to convey and transmit same, is most unfortunate and must be condemned by people of good conscience. By this act of indiscretion perpetrated by Ita Udosen, he has clearly offended the specific wordings of the Hippocratic oath which he swore “to help the sick, and … abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm”. To allege that a person is ill when there is no reasonable basis to do so, is not just an intentional harm, but voodoo medicine.

Furthermore, the allegation that the Governor has not been seen in public for one month now, is another strong evidence backing the veracity of the claim that, immediately a person joins the broom wielding party, his thinking faculty, sense of honour and truth are forcefully taken from him, leaving him intellectually bare and morally bankrupt. On Wednesday , 20th April,2020, the Governor was at Ituk Mbang hospital ( few kilometers from Ita Udosen’s village), where he inspected ongoing work at the isolation center being constructed by Government. On the 12th of April, the Governor publicly addressed Akwa Ibom people during the Easter, having previously on several occasions addressed the citizens on Covid 19 issues. He has constituted a Covid 19 team led by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem. The state structure is akin to the federal structure where the SGF is in charge. Additionally, extensive contact tracing and increased testing are being undertaken daily, by a joint team of medical professionals and volunteers. The worst any reasonable person can do at this time, is to rubbish the efforts of these people who have put their lives on the line, just in a bid to cast aspersions on the Governor. Maybe Ita Udosen misses the Governor’s fine face and desires to see him more often, but he must be reminded that governance is not a one man affair, but the aggregation of individual efforts to attain a collective goal. This claim by Ita Udosen is outrightly mischievous. His claim that palliatives were shared along party lines is false, as the traditional institution and other non-partisan structures were engaged to help with the distribution. It must be noted that the palliatives were meant for the vulnerable percentage of our population, not everyone in the community. However, cognizance has been taken that due to the large informal economy (especially daily earners) in our state and lockdown, people who were previously above the economic vulnerability line, have slipped into the vulnerable class, making the rush for the materials inevitable. This situation is not limited to Akwa Ibom state and can be mitigated by individual contributions and donations(which many politicians and corporate bodies have already done in various constituencies).

At a time like this, there should be no PDP or APC, rather we all must congregate into an Anti-Covid party to ceaselessly tackle this pandemic, that has crippled the best of medical systems in the world, with an attendant global economic collapse. This is not the time to pass blames, but the time to partner in this fight.

We advice Dr. Ita Udosen to suspend his political mind at least for now, and take back his medical mind, recalling all the wordings of the Hippocratic oath he swore to. He should join other politicians (especially of the PDP flock) to volunteer in the fight against the pandemic, by either going to the isolation center to help with patient care, contact tracing, counseling, sample collection etc. In case he is afraid of volunteering medically, he can buy palliative materials for the vulnerable in his community and share same. He can at least do something other than baseless and senseless criticism.

We urge Akwa Ibom people to completely discountenance the clearly ill motivated statement by Ita Udosen and continue to adhere strictly to the preventive measures issued by governments at different levels. This is a trying period for governments globally(our state Government inclusive). We must not allow division of any kind to be sown among us at a time as critical as this. Let’s unite and fight Covid 19.

Signed :

Comrade Ini Ememobong
State Publicity Secretary
People’s Democratic Party
Akwa Ibom State

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